Meat and Fish Technology


Level: 7

Credits: 10

Module Leader: Dr. Ian Ashton

Assessment Type: Patchwork assessment 2500 words



To have an in depth understanding of the supply chain for fish, meat and poultry, from slaughter/capture to retail. Discern the key regulatory and animal welfare considerations around fish and meat production. Distinguish the important biochemical and ultrastructural changes that take place post-mortem in the conversion of muscle to meat.

Compare the endogenous and exogenous factors that affect the safety and quality of meat products. Critically evaluate the technological and commercial issues related to the processing of meat and fish. Evaluate the manufacture, handling and storage of fish and meat and products thereof. Assess safety and quality requirements for fish and meat products.

Acquire the necessary theoretical & technical skills to apply them in industry. Appraise changing trends, attitudes and demands for fish and meat products.


On completing the module, the student will be able to:

1. Demonstrate understanding of the supply chain for fish and meat.

2. Critically evaluate the technical and commercial principles underpinning the manufacture and processing of fish and meat products.

3. Appraise the impact and importance of raw material biochemistry, physic chemistry and ultra-structure on product quality.

4. Assess safety and quality requirements for fish and meat products.

5. Design safe and hygienic working practices for a fish/meat industry environment.

6. Evaluate quality assurance techniques commonly used


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