Confectionery Technology


Level: 7

Credits: 10

Module Leader: Mr Ray Newberry

Assessment Type: 2500 words



The confectionery industry is an important sector of the food manufacturing industry producing a wide range of products, both small and large scale. With increasing competition, there is a need for product and process control to raw material utilisation. This module examines the inter-relationship between raw materials and processing operations.


After completing the module, the student should be able to:

1. Evaluate the function, properties and interaction of raw materials by manufacturing a range of products.

2. Use a selected range of testing procedures to assess the per formance of raw materials in the product.

3. Analyse production faults and suggest corrective actions.

4. Assess product quality for industry and consumer requirements.

5. Demonstrate a detailed knowledge of the law relating to the composition, labelling and advertising of food and food products within this area sold for human consumption within the UK and the EU


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