Global Food Safety


Level: 7

Credits: 20

Module Leader: Mr David Lloyd

Assessment Type: Patchwork Assessment 5000 words or equivalent



There is an increasing demand for qualified personnel who assume overall responsibility for food safety issues. This module will prepare the student for the demands of industry with regard to food safety and to understand how food safety is driven in Europe and world-wide.


On completion of the module the student will be able to:

1. Analyse the hazards associated with a range of food products and processes.

2. Examine the current food safety issues with the global food market.

3. Critically evaluate the principles of ‘risk assessment’, examining how these apply to a range of activities including quality issues, health and safety and food safety issues.

4. Apply the principles and stages of HACCP to an existing product or process.

5. Design specific pathogen management strategies.

6. Apply project management approaches to specific food safety scenarios.

7. Apply the concepts relating to food safety to their own work environment and risk assess activities therein.


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