Global Food Quality Management Systems


Level: 7

Credits: 20

Module Leader: Mrs Helen Taylor

Assessment Type: Patchwork Assessment 5000 words or equivalent



To appreciate and understand the audit approach of food safety management systems, evaluating the minimum quality standards required in the food industry which satisfy current legislation and retailer quality demands. Evaluate other influences, such as consumer awareness, and their demands for high quality foods, on manufacturers requiring them to establish higher standards than the legal minimum.


On completion of the module the student will be able to:

1. Discuss the development of international approach to food law, role of Codex, the structure, organisation and practical operation of international / intergovernmental food safety regulation bodies; governmental food safety objectives.

2. Evaluate the convergence and tensions in the relationship between general and specific food safety management systems and legal requirements.

3. Recognise the importance of quality assurance conventionalapproaches to quality management, specifications and standards.

4. Devise and construct appropriate food safety pre-requisite programmes

5. Evaluate effective auditing skills and the auditing of HACCP plans

6. Understand, apply and evaluate the BRC and ISO 22 000 approaches with respect to food safety management.

7. Analyse the role and impact of the Global Food Safety Initiative’s Approved Standards



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