Enterprise Project


Level: 7

Credits: 60

Module Leader:  Mr David Lloyd

Assessment Type: Enterprise Project 10000 words with an online viva lasting 30 minutes



The Enterprise Project is essential in the development of higher cognitive skills and is intended to provide students with the opportunity to work independently in a specific business area of interest thus providing the opportunity for the development of a specialism. The Enterprise Project is seen as a major integrating force for the programme as a whole and an academic challenge for the student and this is reflected in its overall prominence within the programme.

Enterprise Project titles will normally be suggested by the student themselves;.

1. Foster an independent approach to research for a business start-up within the food and related industries and a reliance on their own learning techniques and research abilities;

2. Enable students to gain practical and directly relevant experience in problem solving and new venture creation

3. Explore further and test issues of personal interest and develop an independence of outlook and student confidence through the challenge of presenting their own business ideas;

4. Gain experience in how business planning can be analysed, interpreted and reported and develop research skills of an academic and practical nature;

5. Comprehend theoretical aspects of a business start-up and evaluate current thinking in new venture creation;

6. Formulate a structured business planning model and gather the relevant data to develop the business plan.



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