Level: 7

Credits: 60

Module Leader:  Dr Vitti Allender

Assessment Type: Dissertation report, 10000 words, online viva 30 minutes.



Gain an independent approach to research or the solution to problems associated with food production. To apply acquired knowledge and skills to a specific problem, in order to demonstrate an ability to make valid judgements and to communicate them clearly. To display personal initiative and independent thought in order to produce a problem-solving strategy. To identify areas for in-depth study that will contribute to a student’s profile in demonstrating an ability to show knowledge of a subject in depth.


At the end of the module the student will be able to:

1. Develop and carry out an independent research inquiry in an area related to their workplace.

2. Critically evaluate a range of research methods and apply an appropriate method to the research project.

3. Collect and analyse relevant data, including the application of statistical techniques where appropriate.

4. Synthesise valid conclusions and recommendations based upon the research undertaken.

5. Apply legislative requirements to a workplace setting

In addition, the following key skills have been embedded into the module:

1. Communication
2. Numeracy
3. Technology
4. Manage and develop self
5. Creative approaches to problem solving
6. Professional and ethical manner


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